Multiple Auction Types

We have below auction types

Penny Auction : In this auction type auction price increase by 1 cent.


Manual Auction: It only allow bidding in using bid button click, no autobidder  - Bid-O-Matic is allowded 


Bid-O-Matic Auction: No manual bids are allowed, user Must use Bid-O-Matic to place bid


Blind Auction: When auction is live all username will be hidden, you can see all names once auction is won, This is useful to prevent stamping of auction from power bidders.


Free Auction : Bidding on this auction is free, user only have to pay final price of auction to get product.


Paid Auction : User can use only paid bids on this auction type ( This feature is available in Corporate Package)


Featured Auction: This type of auction show in home page, if you have enable it from settings


New Item: This display flag on auction box NEW, if your product is new you can set this option


Peck Auction : Bidding on this type of auction is allowed in selected hours like from 09:00 to 18:00 you can change this time


Beginner Auction: Only user who not won any product can bid on beginner auction 


Bid pack Auction: This type of auction contact some paid or free bids attached to it, winner gets bids attached with this auction.


Trade with Bids Auction: On this type of auction user can trade his wins for bids, if he dont want won product


Sellback Auction: It allow User to sell back won auction for Cash


Reserve price auction: Admin can set reserve price for auction, if auction close below reserve price then auction will refunded and no winner declared

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