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Penny auction software

  • Propenny auctions is the largest and most advanced software development team in the penny auction industry. Our Key feature of software is We use cache based timer which not hit mysql all the time to get data updated, it is very good for performance. Our Auction Software software for the following types of auctions:

  • 1 Penny auction
  • 2 free auction
  • 3 Beginner Auction
  • 4 Clasic auction
  • 5 Manual Auction
  • 6 Seat auction (As addon)
  • 7 Unique Bid (As Addon)
  • 8 Reserve price auction

You can see other auction types in more detail of features page "Multiple Auction types"

Penny Auction Software Overview

Customers bid on products provided on the website. Each bid increases the auction price of the product by 1 penny and re-starts a timer. The customer who is the last bidder when the time runs out, wins the product.

Some available features:

Extended Admin Modules
  • 1 Ability to vary increment of price for each item, depending on the price
  • 2 Different bet cost depending on the item
  • 3 Multiple queues for auction items
  • 4 Win limits by auction categories
  • 5 "Reserved price" auctions
  • 6 "Paid-up" auctions
Extended User Modules
  • 1 Advanced Autobid
  • 2 Watch list
  • 3 Bidding history
  • 4 Stealth mode
  • 5 Multi-auction
Extended Usability Modules
  • 1 Any language possible
  • 2 Product categories
  • 3 “Promotions” module
  • 4 Ability to move auction windows on the front page;
  • 5 Login and sign up with Facebook or Twitter or google
  • 6 Responsive themes best for mobile device display