Car Auction Software

The next-gen of used cars auction has set in! Engage in a negotiation-free business, 24x7 support with propennyauction car auction software. Are you ready to explore it?

How it works?

  • Website admin creates car auction for users.
  • Interested users who want win auction must pay $XX deposit to place his offer, after placing deposite user can any number of bids.
  • User also receive notification of if he outbid by someone else.
  • In a defined time auction ends and last user who place highest bid will win auction.
  • Winner pay difference amount online or offline as preferred by admin mostly it's offline.
  • If user wish to directly buy now auction, he can do so auction will be stop and all user bids will be refunded.
  • Our team is specialized in making customization to match it with your requirement.

We know that above is not enough to run your your auction business, it's just standard feature in our framework. Our dedicated customization team is ready to implement your plans, business model in a realtime working architecture.

The code we provide is

Multilingual support
Multilingual support

Language should never be a barrier for your business Understanding this at it's best, Propennyauction best fits in the feature of multilingual support in the Car / Auto Auction listing software.

Fully customizable
Fully customizable

Customize the car auction software by clubbing the desires and needs of your clients. Any alterations to improvise the application can be made very easily

Mobile compatible
Mobile compatible

Customers are more engaged in mobile phones than the other internet connected devices. To cope up with this, Propennyauction enables the mobile version of the car auction software

  • One time Payment

    Pay once and its all yours. You buy the software once and enjoy thereafter without any monthly burden with quick ROI.

  • 100% Source Code

    Control your Software. 100 % access to source code allows a PHP expert to easily customize the software as per his needs.

  • Professional Support

    Timely support via our support ticket system. Email us, Chat online or drop a line to speak to our representative.

  • Customization

    We look after customization upon client's request. We will help you with tailor made solutions based on your website concept.


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