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Penny Auction FAQs

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  • Q - How can i use free Trial?

    To access Tree Trial, you need to point your domain to our server by updating name server, and email us for setting up your free trial.
  • Q - Can i contact propennyAuction sales / Support through mobile App?

    Yes, You can reach our sales or support on whats app / LINE / Viber on: +91 9753912227
  • Q - What is physical Address of your business headquarters?

    Headquarters / Development center is located in 270- B Maa Street Indore, India 452001
  • Q - can you tell me a couple of URL's for penny auction sites that you have created?
  • Q - Are there any limits of what can be put up to auction?

    No, there is no such limit set you can put any product you want to auction out.
  • Q - How solid is your site/server maintenance and technical support?

    Server / site support is 24/7 and technical support is 14 hours a day from 2AM to 7PM GMT (Landon UK)
  • Q - Can you pay for bids via SMS?

    Yes we have SMS api it can be used for pay for bids
    Note: you need to find which is good in mobile money (SMS GATEWAY) in your country so we will integrate it.
  • Q - How easy is it to expand/alter features of the site once it is built?

    We used MVC pattern to it's quite easy to do customization in graphics and features as well.
  • Q - What is the database record limit?

    Most of placed we use INT in mysql database INT limit is : 4,294,967,295
    If you want more then this, we can change it to BIGINT so limit will be extend to 18,446,744,073,709,551,615
  • Q - Is your software compatible with IOS and Android?

    Yes, You will get responsive theme which will work in all mobile device like IOS, android, windows phone, ipad, tablets
  • Q - Does Propennyauction software can be used as lowest and unique bid auction?

    Yes, Our software can be used for LOWEST AND UNIQUE AUCTION type email us if you have any questions for same.
  • Q - Do you have Reserve price feature by default?

    Yes, we offer Reserve price feature in our default software in Professional and corporate packages. for example if you set auction with reserve price $10 and auction ended less then $5 all bids of users refunded and auction voided out no winner declared.
  • Q - Can I customize Layout / Theme?

    Yes, You can customize layout as per your needs, In case you or your designer have any questions our designer team will help you.
  • Q - Can I start with Professional package and Upgrade later?

    Yes, You can upgrade later to any package any time, if you site is live we would need to take site in ofline mode for upgrades
  • Q - Can I use Pro penny auction script as lowest and unique auction type?

    Yes, You can use Lowest and unique auction.
  • Q - Can i add my own payment gateway in Pro penny auction software?

    Yes, You integrate your payment gateway in pro penny auction software, it takes less then 1 hours to get payment gateway ready. Your developer need to create function to sent request and catch response rest everything is build in.
  • Q - How about Software folder Strecture?

    Folder strecture is same like Cakephp or Smarty we did some customization in cakephp to develop software in document root you will see following folder s
    Admin: it contain backend html files
    cake: it contain framework files
    config: it contain configurations files
    controllers: it contain all controllers like product, auction, users, newsletter, settings, cache, cronjobs files
    Models: it contain database model files
    Locale: it contain language files
    Template_folder: it front end template files
  • Q - How many users can the Pro Penny Auction support at one time?

    Keeping it real.
    First of all, I am not going to over exaggerate in any way the capacity of our script. It is simply not worth making you mad at me, just to make a few hundred dollars. Saying that, your penny auction site will never have hundreds of users pressing the bid button at one time, this just does not happen. Sorry to burst your bubble.,,, etc. do not even have that occurring at one time. These large and successful penny auction sites and they have less than a hundred users pressing the bid button at once, even at peak times. Go watch them, see how many people are actually bidding on them at once, very few compared to their user membership. Also, these previously mentions penny auction sites likely have less than 1,000 users on the site at one-time as well, watching auctions, registering, buying bids, etc.

    Here is the answer.
    We have never seen the actual code be maxed out in regards to the users and traffic. It has always been server resource limitations that cause the limitation on how many users can use the site at once. Basically, once the server becomes inaccessible or overwhelmed by users it is time to upgrade the server. After the upgrade, normally the software resumes normal operation. Believe it or, sometimes the upgraded server is still not enough and and even a larger one is required. Saying that, the Pro Penny Auction script has been alpha tested to handled around four-dozen (48) users users bidding at once on a large (4GB RAM Quad-Core CPU) VDS server, not exactly pressing the bid button at once, but actively bidding on multiple items at the same time. NOTE: In order to have four-dozen users bidding and several hundred people watching the auctions, you will need to have around 2,000 registered users. What are the most users you have ever seen using Ajax PHP Penny Auction? Though I cannot tell you the exact client due to confidentiality, I have seen the script and server handle more than a thousand (1,000) users on the site at once and many many active bidders. They are running a huge Dedicated server with 32 Core CPU and 96GB RAM. Basically, this a super computer and in my opinion overkill. DO NOT think you need a server that is that big to run a successful penny auction. Much smaller servers can work to accomplish success. However, the bigger the server, the better, which equals more users that can use the website at once.

  • Q - What is a reserve price?

    The reserve price is set by the penny auction website, and will not sell the item until that price has been met, this is not common, but some sites do have undisclosed reserves and hold reserves by using shill/bot bidders.
  • Q - What is a penny auction timer?

    penny auction timer is what defines the beginning and end of an auction. Unlike most timers, these timers get time added on to them with each bid.
  • Q - What is the item price?

    The item price is the price of the item being auctioned off. This price typically starts at zero, and increases with each bid placed. The price becomes final once the timer reaches zero.
  • Q - What is a bid price?

    The bid price, is the price it costs to buy one bid from a penny auction site. Most penny auctions sell these bids in “bid packs” in small groups of bids. 10, 20, 25, 50, and 100 bids at a time. Many sites offer lower pricing for larger bid packages.
  • Q - What is a bid buddy/bid butler/future bidder/autobidder?

    bid buddy/bid butler/future bidder/autobidder will make bids on your behalf within the price range you set, and the number of bids to use. Bid buddy/bid butlers only bid when the timer gets below a certain point. This bid buddy/bid butler “trigger time” is different with each penny auction site, but is typically less than 30 seconds.
  • Q - What are free bids?

    Free bids are given for a variety of reasons:

    New registration
    Customer appreciation

    Most sites give a few bids upon new registration to allow a user to “feel the site out” before investing any bids in it. Once a member, a lot of penny auction sites have referral programs where you get a set amount of free bids for each new user that signs up from your referral. More rarely, upon either a glowing testimonial, or compensating for a delay or problem a customer encountered, a penny auction site may issue free bids.
  • Q - What are win limits?

    Win limits are used to keep one or a group of people from dominating a penny auction. They often limit the amount a person or user account can win, inside a specified time frame.
  • Q - How can penny auctions stay in business when expensive items end for less than 90% retail prices?

    Penny auction sites purchase from wholesalers and buy items at a large discount. The ending price of a penny auction may be 90% below retail, however it is the cost per bid x number of bids used to determine the total amount of money the auction made.
  • Q - What is a power bidder?

    secure a win. Often this is a person who wants their name to scare other bidders away from items they want, and are the source of win limits.