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Cutting-edge Hi-Tech Solution


Hi-Tech Industry Solutions

For companies that believe in IT and its power to reimagine their business to something beyond imagination.

Hi-tech industry is driven by top notch technology and advance solutions. The industry is ruled by smart players that innovate and move with the market and technology trends.

In short, technology is the only thing that can keep any business afloat now, in the fierce market competition. It allows you to capture new business opportunities, tap diverse niches and elevate a user experience. It also helps you fight your challenges, but above all it is important to get the strategy to implement technology solutions that supports your business and its vision.

PPA helps you bring that scalability and agility to speed up the process, enabling you to embrace your goals with powerful solutions and principal technologies. Our Hitech solutions and services give you tools to penetrate niche market and drive products swiftly to reach your core users for better results.

Partner us to accelerate your journey, where we deliver you the cutting-edge technology that support your inventiveness and present you required sustainable platforms to thrive. We can help you with High Tech IT solutions that streamline you with your M&A activities, improved infrastructure, enhanced employee productiveness, to bring digital integration to your internal processes, present mobility, enhance your user experience for better results.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Short Product
    Life Cycle

  • Constant Cost

  • Compliance and
    regulatory challenges

  • Visibility

  • New Business

  • Consumption

  • Blockchain

  • Data Driven

Short product life cycle

The industry has to deal with the shrinking life cycle of the products, there are high chances that a product which is new today will completely become obsolete in coming time. To meet the user demand, it is needed that you make the adherent changes to get the first mover advantages.


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Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps System

We build apps that can react, learn and adapt to your processes in real time to transform various industry. We bring you the high-tech industry solutions powered by ML, AI, to enhance your data driven approach into your current working environment and relinquish better business benefits.

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Advance Supply Chain Management

Gain 10x of the visibility into your supply chain operations that you have now. Our advance solutions transform your reaction to every day challenges and opportunities all for good. Our provides technology use can empower and strengthens your supply chain management while giving you deeper in-sights.

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Accounts Payable Automation Records HER Software

Use technology that streamlines your financial and accounting processes while removing manual tasking. We give you better security and efficiency to improvise the way you control your financial data to minimizing chances of error down to ground zero.

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Product Bundling and Marketplace Enablement

Empower your operational efficiency with our dependable web and mobile application development services, built for you to keep a close eye on your sales chain, while providing you tools to manage resellers, product managers, distributors efficiently.

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Web Applications and Portals

Superior Web application and portals that are feature rich and secure. Our web portals are custom designed and developed with the needed features and the characteristics that help you in fighting off your challenges and giving you custom-made solutions.

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Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence

Using high-end technology solutions such as BI, Smart devices, IoT we deliver you the power to combine your critical health data to deliver most precise and appropriate solutions to health problems of your patients.

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software

We give you intelligent software solutions that manage your data crisis to give you outstanding solutions in regards to managing your large medical data using cloud technology and more.

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IoT App Integrations

IoT is changing the dynamic of every industry and so is its contribution in medical. Using IoT technology we extend you mobile health solutions to connect with health gadgets and manage health strategies and affair.

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Enterprise Content Management

Allowing you to improve your operational efficiency by providing you dependable platform to permeate data and documents across various departments to provide you better result and coordination.

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I’ve outsourced my penny auction website development project to PropennyAuction LLC. thank you very much for good work you did, Hope to work together on next projects.

Jonathan Paré


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I have completed my BlockChain Project with PPA, now they are are our Partner in all such Projects.