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IT Solutions for Media and Entertainment Industry


Media and entertainment companies are moving out from their traditional setups for joining in the digital revolution. Technology has the power to transform their business models. Using technology and its power, businesses are exploiting new ways of operations and choosing customer first approach. Entertainment Technology Solutions are commonly being used by some of the big sharks of the industry, by which you canuse of technology and disruptive processes to enhance your customer experience and streamline yourself with modern day trends.

You too can live your dreams by enjoying our Media and Entertainment solutionsthat are guaranteed to turn the table around for you in strict competitio0n. At PPA, you will find the knowledge and tools needed to deliver you swift applications and software that increase your customer engagement by ten folds. Accessible over multiple devices, and extending your reach to diverse platforms, find Custom Entertainment solutions, built with precision and expertise to meet your needs of content creation, distribution right management and more.

Reformat your needs, translate them to digital with PPA and make your target audience reachable, anytime anywhere on diverse platforms while reducing your efforts to minimal and operations leaner than ever before.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Content Replication

  • Intellectual Property Rights

  • Personalized Content

  • Integration Across Multiple Platforms

  • Monetizing Content

  • User Experience

  • Retaining Customers

  • Higher Engagement

  • Security

Content Replication

Plagiarism is one of the biggest concerns of media industry and despite of harsh methods to keep it under control there are no means to completely stop the practice, raising concern.


Keep winning more user-engagement, better business mobilization and global business
merchandising with our expert Mobile Application development services.

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Live Streaming Apps

Find exclusive media and entertainment solutions allowing you to reach your users on live streaming apps with advance features and easy to use friendly user interface on multiple platforms.

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Mobile Games

Custom entertainment solutions where you get to build mobile game applications that use 3D animation and support high-end technology solutions such as AR/VR and more to deliver your user outstanding experience.

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Sports Apps

Visually stunning sport applications are created at PPA, we are a prominent media technology provider where you and turn your live streaming supported dream football, cricket and or any sports app come true.

Strategic Partnerships

Backed by strategic alliances with industry leaders like Microsoft and Adobe, we enable our clients to become more technologically sound.

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Industry Solution

Client Success

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I’ve outsourced my e-commerce website development project to PropennyAuction LLC. I would just like to thank you about the good works you done was really efficient and understand all the things we need, really great. We will come back with more projects.


United States

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I’ve outsourced my penny auction website development project to PropennyAuction LLC. thank you very much for good work you did, Hope to work together on next projects.

Jonathan Paré


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I have completed my BlockChain Project with PPA, now they are are our Partner in all such Projects.