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IT Solutions for Telecom Industry



The wave of transformation that gives you the essential push to live as the leader of the domain.

If we look at the latest states about 38% of your current competition is looking onto leveraging advance telecommunication solutions, and we are sure you will want to out smart them at their own game. The intervention of technology has to reduced complication and high-end benefits. There are major challenges business have to face however with technology business are now adopting to leaner operational methods for increased precision and results.

PPA, aims at harnessing that with our inventive telecom IT solutions providing you time to focus on next-gen services including hi-speed internet, VOIP, IoT, OTT/IPTV and more. We give you foster innovation, operate at reduced cots, and increase your efficiency to ten folds. With enhanced customer experience and better data management at PPA we give you possible and trending solution to embrace new technology and exponentially grow on private and cloud platforms.

Hire us for TELECOM IT SOLUTIONS services that give you global business merchandising, universal engagement with highly interactive mobile applications and top-notch solutions from astute development team and creative designers delivering you your dream application on dependable technologies integrated with modern toolset.

Our Sitecore Development Services

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  • IoT gear up

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  • Developing 5G

  • Digital

  • IoT Technology

  • Application

  • ML and Artificial
    Intelligence Solutions

  • Augmented Reality

OTT services Competition

There has a great decrement in the revenue generation due to the inception of messaging apps, about 2.5 billion of the world population is using at least a single messaging app. OTT services are taking over the market by a storm.

Our Approach

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Infrastructure Management Services

Our advance infrastructure management services allowing to transform your processes into digital to render the power of technology to run your business efficiently for better results, performance and productivity.

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Engineering and R&D Services

We are one of the world’s leading technology partners to provide support for your IT needs. Our provided telecom IT services allow you to use advance analytics and the dependable software solutions to boost your R& D accuracy for improved precision and services.

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Customer Experience Management

Mobile and Web solutions powered by high-end technology and trendy solutions such as chatbots, AI for augmented customer experience. We help you achieve quantifiable business outcomes by completely transforming your business to process with new and improved ways.

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Big Data Analytics

Go data-driven as now you have the power to translate it into robust tactics and strategies that pay your business with never-experienced before results. We give you big data benefits seamed with our telecom IT services to help you innovate, complete and aim for higher business value.

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App Modernization

Modern mobile app development and platform engineering solutions that brings you much closer to your users while securing your internal processes. Not stopping there, we make use of solutions such as Cloud, API, DevOps to tap more advance business options.

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Transfer Management

Innovative BPO telecom practice support for your front-end, back-end processes on wireless, mobile, cable, VoIP and TV service lines. We give you the power to manage your workload efficiently.

Strategic Partnerships

Backed by strategic alliances with industry leaders like Microsoft and Adobe, we enable our clients to become more technologically sound.

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Industry Solution

Client Success

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I’ve outsourced my penny auction website development project to PropennyAuction LLC. thank you very much for good work you did, Hope to work together on next projects.

Jonathan Paré


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I have completed my BlockChain Project with PPA, now they are are our Partner in all such Projects.