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Transportation and Logistic Solutions


Innovative Transportation and Logistics Technology Solutions

Web and mobile solutions for automobile industry that allow you to bring reduction in your operational cost while enhancing your managerial efficiency to ten folds.

PPA is a leading technology solution provider where you will find pragmatic web and mobile solutions for your transportation and automobile business. Given the growth of auto industry and technology intervention, it is important that businesses adopt to new and inventive ways to manage and track their external and internal processes to high-perform in their industrial vertical. And hence, our web, mobile and software solutions for transportation industry is where your hunt ends.

In all this, our approach is to automate the process, make the entire management process very cost effective and most importantly interactive with your core users to encourage large engagement. There is a lot undiscovered scope of digitalization in transportation industry, and all you need is the knowledge and technology to do the right thing now or you will lag. Hiring PPA helps you avoid that and provides you tailor made solutions to enhance your performance and reduce management cost in a matter of short time. Our transportation and logistic app development solutions include dealer management system, fleet management solution, logistic and inventory management, supply chain management, shipping and delivery system, logistic on demand, location tracking solutions, manufacturing solutions, and much others. Built to give you performance and efficiency, at PPA find the expertise and resources you need to build your business bigger than your dreams, as we got the technology, experience and expertise needed.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Traditional Tools Dependency

  • Regulation Acceptance

  • Market Competition

  • Solated Groups

  • Global Expansion

  • Technology Implementation

  • New Process

  • The Cost Factor

  • Mobile Technology

Traditional Tools Dependency

Dependency on the traditional tools and equipment is one of the biggest reasons for non-profitable businesses. Poor technologies used in the sector gives results next to nothing making it difficult for transportation industry to thrive.

Transportation and Logistics Solutions

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Dealer Management Systems

Efficient dealer management system that gives you the power to manage your business easier. We create technology systems that can be easily used from your desktop, smartphone and other devices enabling you to manage your business on the go.

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Fleet Management System

Track your fleet of vehicles effortlessly, with our provided fleet management mobile apps and desktop solutions. We give you powerful solutions that make it easy for you to make the best use of the fleet and that can be easily used on smart devices.

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Shipping & Delivery System

Powerful shipping and delivery process management on the run, we give you transportation and logistics web and app development solutions that allow you access your orders, fleet, delivery system and others.

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Inventory Solutions

A robust inventory management solution defined through pre-enabled categories, data to align with your logistics and inventory system that fits your unique needs while providing you tailor made solutions.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management system that allows you to keep a track on your production, demand, and supply and other important internal and external processes. We also do interactive and easy to use logistic app development for better business management.

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Data Warehousing Solutions

Ideal solution for large business with needs for data warehousing, we give you IT solutions that are a breakthrough in automobile industry to manage, protect your data in easy way while reducing chances of error.

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Manufacturing Solutions

We give you web, mobile and software solutions that best fit your business manufacturing management needs. Find expert developers for solutions that make it easy to improve your manufacturing processes.

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Logistic on Demand

Logistic technology solutions, that helps you interact easily with your end users while gives your users an interactive platform to book your services, track your staff and find ways to reduce efforts and cost immensely.

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Location Tracking Solutions

Tracking your vehicles, fleet, drivers was never easier, and efficient location tracking solutions that gives you the real time location of your vehicles helping you to coordinate, track and manage your staff and services efficiently.


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Easy management of import-export business

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Online Transport Marketplace for Different Transport Requirements

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Leading Parcel Delivery Company

Strategic Partnerships

Backed by strategic alliances with industry leaders like Microsoft and Adobe, we enable our clients to become more technologically sound.

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